Drayton Valley Evergreen Farmers' Market

Bringing Fresh to You for over 40 Years! 

The Evergreen Farmers' Market was initiated under the Agricultural Societies act in Drayton Valley in 1975. It was the first offering of the Society and has continued to be a core function of the society ever since. The first 50 tables were wooden and made locally by Larry. 
The market has been in many different locations: The Scouts hall, the Elks Hall, The Derrick Mall, the Omniplex and the Wellhouse Building to name a few.

The Evergreen market was managed internally by vendors for most of it's history who volunteered to do it for the price of free table rent. 
In 2014, the Farmers' Market Managers wanted to retire so 
the Ag society hired a contractor to come in an assess the market, manage it for the year and report back on what needed to be done to move it forwards.